To all the lost boys, dreamers and magic bean-buyers. 
To anyone who looks at the night sky and dreams of going on big adventures, may you find yourself at home here.


If you're new here- Welcome!

If you've been following for awhile, welcome back! You'll know that I am a creative soul with ADD so I jump from project to project a lot.

We are currently taking five acres at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and building a homestead worthy of a fairy tale. (Complete with Highland Coo's!)

I also love cottage-core fashion and Disneybounding as well as making videos. I LOOOOOVE making videos and occasionally teach classes on it.

Follow along on this latest adventure as we attempt to be our own general contractor.

It's bound to be an adventure.

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    We love wearing clothing reminiscent of our favorite Disney characters (Disneybounding) and Peter Pan has always been our favorite.


    Gavin grew up with horses and has passed his love of them down to the kids. We frequently go on horse rides in the mountains and the kids compete in local horse shows.

  • The Willow Tree

    We instantly fell in love with the property and knew it was meant for us. We loved the trees surrounding it and the kids decided a good name for it would be Whimzy Willows.

  • Highland Coo's

    We currently have three beautiful ladies. Fawn is the mama to Briar and Georgie (not pictured) is the cool Auntie. We're hoping to grow our herd over the next few years.