5 Ways to Add Magic to Celebrations

5 Ways to Add Magic to Celebrations

Add Magic to Celebrations add magic to celebrations

5 Ways to Add Magic to Celebrations- KSL Studio 5 Segment

I was so thrilled to be asked to share some whimsical party ideas on a local tv station this week. All these ideas are things that are tried and true and have been such a blast. Be sure to watch the segment below FIRST. And if you'd like to know more, I've added links and videos below on how I put together each celebration tip seen here today!

To see a bigger version of this video, click here.


How to Host a Pie Fight link here.

Pie Fight Party and how to add magic to celebrations

Balloon Wishes


Paper Crowns

Similar DIY here.

add magic to celebrations

Dream Jar

How to explained in segment.

add magic to celebrations

Paint Bombs

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