Disney Best Friends Game

Disney Best Friends Game

February is here and we are celebrating all different kinds of "love" this month.
To kick it off, we are celebrating "Philia' or the love between friends. 

More than ever, we are aware just how much our friends mean to us. Even though we may not be able to see them as often as we'd like, having good friends in our corner is so important for our wellbeing. 

I love everything about storytelling, more specifically the Hero's Journey. If you aren't familiar with the Hero's Journey, let me explain real quick- The Hero's Journey is a story template that most (I repeat, MOST) stories, fairy tales, movies, etc follow. It starts with the main character and follows them on an adventure as they learn lessons and eventually return home with a newfound knowledge.

Here is a great example of a couple popular stories and how it follows the Hero's Journey. For funsies. 

One of my favorite parts about the Hero's Journey narrative are the "helpers" in the story. These tend to be some of my favorite characters. They are usually loyal, clever and witty and the comic relief. In essence, they are FRIENDS to our hero throughout their journey.  


We all need these helpers, or friends, in our life and we should make sure we find time to celebrate them. Whether they are the Minnie to your Daisy or the Tweedle Dee to your Tweedle Dum, we wouldn't be who we are today without them. 
We made a fun little printable game to play next time you have a virtual hang out, or a bridal shower or just for fun. This Disney Best Friends Game is a free instant download when you sign up for our newsletter. Sign up below and have fun!


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