Disneybound Color Cheat Sheets

Disneybound Color Cheat Sheets

One of my biggest goals when spreading magic is to help others add Whimzy to their Wardrobe. My specialty is Disneybounding. (That's when you style your clothes in a way that resembles beloved Disney characters.) I have found so much joy in doing this that I want to make it as easy as possible so others can enjoy it too. 

One way I thought to help would be to offer color cheat sheets.

Disneybounding is ALL about color blocking. (See this post here to go more in depth.) After years of doing this myself, I realized that LOTS of characters share a similar color palette, which means you can totally use one item of clothing for several characters.

Who doesn't LOVE multifunctional apparel?

These cheat sheets will allow you to see similar characters at a glance that either share the exact same color hue or, with a little tweaking and imagination, make a really stunning Disneybound. 

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Disneybound Blue Color Cheatsheet


The Great Facebook and Instagram outage in October of 2021 really made me realize how important it is to have a way to get in touch with you and this seemed like a great way to serve you in a more personal and intimate way than what social media can offer. 

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