Fairies in Spring Quarantine

Fairies in Spring Quarantine

Fairies in Spring Quarantine!

Spring has Sprung throughout the land, and although we are still on quarantine, we are also on spring break right now. And we are bound and determined to make it a good one full of magic and excitement.

To kick off our break, we decided to welcome spring, fairy style. So we created some fairy wings with a little cardboard, paint and ribbon.


Next, we make some easy peasy fairy wands with items all found at Walmart. (Cha-ching!) We grabbed a package of dowels and ribbon and voila!

Fairy Mail Company is the CUTEST little company that sends magic fairy mail to your house. (Perfect for quarantine eh?)
We got the sweetest little letter in the mail from the fairy, Clementine, along with a list for a nature scavenger hunt.
They has so many different options of letters to send your little one, or you can even do a subscription where you can get WEEKLY deliveries.
Um yes please!

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, we used our findings from our scavenger hunt to create the cutest fairy pictures. I’ve been slightly obsessed with Merrilee from Mer Mag on instagram for awhile, but am just NOW realizing she has a shop and a blog and a million darling printables that are not only DARLING but affordable too. (We are going to get the mermaid ones next.)

What kinds of things do you have planned this week? Are you on spring break? Send me some more ideas so we dont run out of things to do.

Happy Spring Quarantine!

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