Five Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is my all time FAVORITE holiday. Hands down. Ever since I was a wee little one, we always made a big deal out of dressing up, playing games, decorations and trick-or-treating. In fact, if you have been following me for awhile you know just how into the festivities I can be. For twenty plus years, my family has a traditional party where we offer awards for best costumes, eat buckets of chili and chicken noodle soup, make homemade root beer and watch scary movies all night long. The costume part is everyone's favorite because we start planning about a year in advance and keep it a secret until the day of. I could go on and on with stories from every year since I was six, but I'm sure you'll hear about a lot of them in other posts. This year, I thought I'd share a few of the quickest {and silliest} costumes that are super easy to throw together and are a big hit at the parties.

So here are my top FIVE easy Halloween costumes ideas:

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Number one: Brangelina

EDIT: This one may not be as good since splitsville this week, but hey, still one of my favs.

This one could quite possibly be my all time favorite costume to date and was probably the easiest. The hardest part of this costume was finding the dolls of different ethnicities. I couldnt BELIEVE my eyes when the local thrift shop that the little African-American girl doll was sitting there as pretty as could be. It was hard to find throughout the previous year. We also didnt have any kids yet so the dolls were a must. We borrowed a double stroller and baby carriers to look like we were just overloaded with kids. This would also be super funny if you went as Octomom.To complete this look- For her: Seriously so many options for this one. I'd say the main thing you need is a slouchy hat and big sunglasses. We wanted to looks like Brad and Angelina who had just gotten caught by the papparazzi in their 'casual' yet still stylish, movie star clothes. I wore black leggings, a black dress and a sweater with knee high boots. You know... because she's cool like that.

For him: Gavin wore some skinny jeans with ankle boots, plain t-shirt, leather jacket, slouchy hat and big sunglasses. We also had him grow out the scruff because almost every paparazzi shot he's got a scraggly beard.

Dudes... We got style.

Number two: Bert and Mary Poppins

Funny story about this one. Like I mentioned earlier, we like to keep our costumes a secret until the big day. This particular year, I found out that my close cousin was planning the same thing! We had two days until the party and I was frantically trying to find something else. I had always wanted to do Mary and Bert and now was the time. I actually had almost everything we needed for this quick costume {minus the amazing umbrella... I actually found that at a local theatrical shop that rented out their costumes for Halloween. So sadly I didnt get to keep him, but man he was cuuuute!}

To complete this look- For her: Black skirt, Patterned tights, Lace up boots, a frilly blouse, a red overcoat, red bow tie, black hat with flowers, umbrella and an oversized floral bag.

For him: Black pants, black church shoes, gray or blue shirt with suspenders, black or gray vest, red necktie, newsies type hat, a broom spray painted black and the bristles pulls each and every way. Oh and a little bit of make up dirt. I used this.

It really is a jolly holiday!

Number three: Neverland Crew

We wore this group costume to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disneyland last year. We obviously wanted to dress up, but we also wanted to be comfortable as we'd be spending the day at the Happiest Place on Earth. What we have here is Wendy, Mr. Smee, Tinkerbell and the cutest mermaid you've ever did see.

Wendy: I found a blue dress that looked a little old fashioned. It was a little long, so I hemmed it and made a bow out of the scraps. Then I wore black flats and socks with ruffles, threw my hair in a curly pony tail and that was that. Mr. Smee: Khaki shorts, blue stripped shirt, red beanie and black rimmed glasses. Tinkerbell: Green dress, I cut up the bottom so look more fairy like, I even sewed in a few jingle bells so she'd tinker as she walked, and wings. Make sure your hair is in a bun, add a bit a sparkle and done. Mermaid: This one was tricky. It had many options but I had a hard time finding exactly what I wanted. You could make one, or even look up mermaid onsie in etsy and see many different options. I wanted something a little warmer since Miss Posey was only 10 weeks old and we'd be playing well into the night. {Yeah, we know we're crazy} This particular one I found on ebay.


Number four: Wild Things

This was our first year missing the annual party and were planning on FaceTiming everyone during it. This was also the first year with a baby and wanted to feature her. I had a darling crocheted onsies and made a golden crown out of cardboard, paint and a boatload of glitter. Since we figured we'd just be watching everyone on the iPad and not really being seen, we opted for minimal costumes for the Wild Things and made them into sock puppets. Oh and the chalkboard wall really added to the whole costume wouldn't you think? :)


Number five: Cast of Forest Gump

I have wanted to do this costume for AGES and knew that it'd be more fun once we had more kids, and this was FINALLY the year. Luckily I could convince the toddler to dress up with us and not like Elsa. {Whew! Dodged a bullet there!}

For Jenny: I told Paisley she was going to be a flower princess since she had no idea who Jenny was, let alone a hippie. She wore a white frilly dress, a tan coat with fluffy sleeves, a flower crown that I made to match the rest of us and sandals. She took off most of it at the party, but at least we got a few photos in! For the Shrimp: This one was the hardest one I've ever done since I actually made it all by scratch. No one sells shrimp baby costumes! I followed this tutorial here and just omitted the claws... Because let's be honest, I just didnt want to make them. For Lieutenant Dan: Ok so this one was HILARIOUSLY fun and easy. It helps if you're pregnant and have a belly haha. All you need is some cargo pants you dont mind cutting up, a wife beater, a hawaiian shirt, dog tags and a red bandana. I cut slits in the back of the pants so I could tie them off and kneel in the wheelchair Gavin borrowed from his work. I also made my hair greasy and used a combo of mascara and eyeshadow for the facial hair. I also meant to draw some on my chest, but totally forgot as I was hosting the party this year and was running around trying to get set up. For Forest: this was super simple too. All you need is a plaid shirt, khakis and a Bubba Gump hat. I got one off Amazon for $12.99! Check it out here. Oh and don't forget the Nikes!

There you have it! Which costume is your favorite or what one will your try out this next year? We are already working on idea's for 2016!

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