More Disney on Ice

More Disney on Ice

When I was little, I dreamed of being an ice skater.

The 2002 Winter Olympics were being hosted in my home state and it was a BIG DEAL. Field trips were made, school reports were given, pins were traded and that was my first official introduction to ice skating. I fell in love with the idea of sparkly dresses, gliding on the ice and spinning to the choreography.

I BEGGED my mom to sign me up for classes and the day finally approached for my first lesson and I was positive I would love it.

Well- I did not. 😆 I felt like little baby Bambi out of the ice and couldn’t stay up. I hated feeling so out of control of my body and I left with lots of bumps and bruises  

Needless to say- Ice skating is a hard core sport and obviously not everyone is cut out for it  😂

But that’s ok because I still enjoy watching it so much and Disney on Ice is like- the perfect slice of pie for the dreamers out there.

This was our second time going and I have to say that my VERY FAVORITE part is hearing all the kids singing along, dressing up and their faces lighting up. To me, that’s always been where the magic lives on. Heck, even some adults were singing along and cheering as well. We sat behind a group of friend who were either there to support a friend, or were REALLY big fans of Rapunzel. Their cheering and clapping Made. My. Night.

If you were get a chance to attend a Disney on Ice show, I highly recommend it. 

If you’re local to Utah, they come fairly often and tickets can be purchased here.


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