Neverland Disneybound

You guys LOVED the post I did about using one dress for multiple Disneybounds so much that I decided to do another!

Introducing: the Neverland Disneybound Dress!

I put together three Disneybound looks to go with this ONE dress and can be found in my shop at Hello Whimzy. I’ve put together three looks including, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and a mermaid. I’ve also included links to different accessories I used to get these look and so YOU CAN TOO!

Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a small percentage of your purchase, but at no cost to you! Win win. 

Peter Pan Disneybound

Second Star Earrings | Hat

I cannot promote Ashley from Make it Minnie enough. All her jewelry is to DIE FOR. Not only does she have Peter Pan earrings, necklaces, rings, etc… She has MANY different pieces from other beloved Disney movies as well.

The hat is a costume one I found in a pack of two. (One grey, one green) But still the best hat I could find that didnt look completely cheesy. I took off the cords they had around it, added a velvet ribbon and the classic red feather. Bangerang.

And because I know people will ask, the collar can also be found in my shop, but it’s currently out of stock. Follow me on Instagram to see when it will be back in stock.

Tinkerbell Disneybound


These cute little puffs CLIP ONTO ANY SHOES! I died when I saw these. So simple, but a seriously fun way to make ANY shoes look like Tink.

Mermaid Disneybound

Tights coming to Hello Whimzy soon!

And there you have it! Three Neverland Disneybound in ONE dress. Which one was your favorite?

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