Rapunzel Inspired Dress

Rapunzel Inspired Dress

Rapunzel inspired look

I remember first seeing Tangled in the theater. It was November 2010 and my hubby and I were still just newlyweds. He knew how much I loved Disney movies and how excited I was to see this one. I remember watching it and feeling just like a little kid. The music, the colors, the storyline, all had me completely enraptured. The scene with the lanterns and the Song, "I See the Light" literally took my breath away. And don't even get me started on the part where Flynn cuts off all Rapnzel's hair to save her.


But if you know me, that's not all that surprising.

When I started this "Disney Cottage Core" journey I knew immediately that for my "Rapunzel inspired look," I wanted to go to the local lavender fields to shoot since that color is just perfect for her.

I called up Young Living Fields and asked when the best time of year would be and what I needed to do to get permission to do a photoshoot there. They said to call back the beginning of June since appointments filled super quickly.

A couple months went by and Covid hit. And as you'd probably guess, everything shut down. I wasnt sure if they would even be taking bookings come June. So I totally forgot about it.

It wasnt until the end of June when I was itching to do something creative and just HAD to stretch my creative muscles that I remembered. I called YL up and wouldnt you know it, they were booking and STILL had openings! I immediately rang up my friend, Lacy from Lacy Palmer Photo and basically begged her to come shoot for me. (Disclaimer: it didnt take much begging, she's always up for an adventure and that's one reason I think we make such a good pair. Remember this shoot? Or this one?! She's a wizard, I swear.)

She told me to book it and not even two weeks later, we were there bright and early and it seriously couldnt be more dreamy or more perfect.

I mean just LOOK at this!

Rapunzel inspired look

I literally teared up when I saw these!

Lacy has such an awesome way of making me feel so completely comfortable and GORGEOUS when she's taking my pictures. She always has the best ideas and suggestions for poses and angles. I always feel like she's up to try anything and that is soooo refreshing in a photographer.

Rapunzel inspired look

But without further ado here is my full-

Rapunzel Inspired Look

how to get this "cottage core" look for yourself:

Rapunzels color pallette is pastels to the MAX so plan your outfit around these colors-

Rapunzel inspired look

I hunted for a Rapunzel worthy dress to add to my shop for MONTHS before I found this beauty. There is currently a wait list on my website to get your own. (With Covid, shipping has been a little slower than normal, as I'm sure you're well aware.)

If you dont want to wait or have a dress in mind already, any purpley/pink dress will do. I like to pair it with another similar color in a darker or lighter shade than the dress to give it that Rapunzel flair. (For example: pink dress, dark purple bow. Or dark purple dress with a light pink bow.)
It doesnt necessarily have to be a bow, but some other accessory or aspect of the outfit- if you see what I mean:

Rapunzel inspired look

Since I obviously dont have "magic hair that glows when I sing," I needed to somehow incorporate her iconic "yellow" (hair) into the outfit. Since I knew I'd be in the lavender fields and always like to accessorize, I knew a straw hat would be PERFECT. The kicker? I didnt have one. I searched Facebook marketplace, nearby shops but ran completely out of time. And I was panicking.
But something inside me said to check out the local thrift shop in my little town. So I did, and you'll NEVER guess what was waiting for me!

Rapunzel inspired look

In true Lauren fashion, I almost cried. (Almost.)
What's even cooler was that it was marked at $3 but they had me spin a wheel and I ended up getting 40% off. 😳 Can't get much better than that!

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Next I found some cute ruffle socks and wore my favorite vintage-y type shoes.
And of course I couldnt forget her classic braid.

Rapunzel inspired look

I originally wanted to add a little baby's breath flowers to the braid, but honestly, it was just perfect without it.

Next I just HAD to try out some new tricks I learned for my Tiktok and was NOT disappointed.

Pretty sure I'm going to have to do slow-motion running like that in all of my princess videos now, right?!

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Our "Poldark" inspired pose.

I am just beyond thrilled to see how this Rapunzel inspired look turned out. Again, Lacy is suuuuch a delight to work with and believe it or not, we're already planning several more photoshoots coming up. Any suggestions of which princess you'd like to see next?

Rapunzel inspired look
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