How to Add a Little Whimzy to your Wardrobe

Add Whimzy to Your Wardrobe

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love anything and everything whimsical. Whether it's books, movies, photographs, crafts and yes, even clothes. If it has a bit of whimsy- I need it in my life. Obviously. After all... I'm only a mermaid some of the time, so how do I carry that whimsy with me wherever I go? Well in this new series, I am going to show you how to:

Add a little Whimzy to your Wardrobe!

(...and let your inner magic shine!)

Before we start, you may be wondering: "What exactly does 'whimzy' mean? I don't understand what it means to add whimzy to my wardrobe?" Well, beautiful reader, I'm so glad you asked.
(h)wimz n. playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor.
PLAYFUL. QUAINT. FANCIFUL. HUMOR. Um. Seriously, what's not to love?
So this first series will be what I personally look for when putting together my very own Whimzical Wardrobe.

1. Disney MOVIE Bound:

Buttercup Bound Dress c/o Pink Blush | Claire Fraser Bound Dress c/o SLC Uptown Cheapskate
Disney bounding is where you dress up without actually wearing a costume by taking trendy clothes and basing outfits off different characters. But I say WHY STOP THERE?! My sister and I have taken up "Movie Bounding" so that we could dress up as our favorite leading ladies without going all out with a costume. (Although, we would totally be up for that too.) In the example above, we were visiting Ireland and we thought that a Princess Buttercup themed outfit would be perfect with the Cliffs of Insanity as our backdrop. We also LOVE Outlander and although we weren't in Scotland, we couldnt pass an opportunity to bound... and let's be honest, Addie makes a perfect Claire Fraser. So have fun with it! Find a character you love and make your clothes match. Even if no body else knows you're channeling your favorite fictional character, you will and that's all that really matters.

2. Play with Colors:

Jacket: Asos | Pants: Wight Gold | Boots& Hat: Uptown Cheapskate SLC | Glasses: Firmoo
WHOLE outfit from Uptown Cheapskate
In my opinion...


I get that sometimes lots of colors are intimidating and no adult wants to look like a toddler who dressed themselves for the first time. I GET IT! But a little color goes a long way. I seriously feel happier throughout the day when I am wearing something bright and cheerful. And I kid you not... We made a ton of people smile the days we wear such bright colors. Whether they were laughing at us (doubt it) or not... I am just glad to make someone grin. If I still havent sold you on the bright yellow rainboots yet and you still need something darker to match your soul... Don't worry, I have some tips for you too. ;)

3. Play with Textures

Dress: Uptown Cheapskate | Choker: F21 | Tights: Amazon | Boots: Forever Young Shoes

I'll be honest... Sometimes I just need a little black too. Nothin wrong with that my friend. It's also not as hard as you'd think it would be. The key is texture. This can go for wearing color too, but it's especially applicable when you want to wear black and still be a bit whimsical. Texture can be anything like silk or lace, wool or velvet. Think patterns and dimension. Don't forget to add a pop of shine like gold, silver or glitter to give it that extra magic.

4. Try Emulating a Culture:

Jacket: ThredUP similar here. | Dress: Uptown Cheapskate | Boots and Scarf are vintage (aka been in my closet a long time.) ;)
For my trip to Ireland I wanted to wear something that felt... well... Irish. Or what I pictured was Irish anyway. You know, plaid, green, boots, scarf, etc. I wanted something that looked a little bit rustic and old but still modern. ThredUp has an AMAZING selection of secondhand brand name clothing for a killer price and I was thrilled to find this blazer and it was literally the cherry on top. Get this... they are offering you guys 50% off your first order with code MERMAID! Go go go!

5. Add a little Sparkle:

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE way to add a little Whimzy to your Wardrobe with my trademarked sequin jeans! I don't want to get into it too much because I have an entire separate post dedicated to this coming real soon. But I get so many comments when I wear my "mermaid jeans" as it is subtle enough that it's not in your face disco ball, but fun enough to add just the right about of magic to any outfit. Stay tuned for more info and photos as well as a tutorial!

6. Wake Up and Makeup:

Just a little- A LITTLE bit of glitter as a highlight is another fun way to be playful, quaint and fanciful. I put just a touch of eyelash glue above my cheekbone and sprinkle that pixie dust for a fun and whimsical highlight. Last but certainly not least...

7. Magic Hair, Dont Care:

If you're bold... show it with those luscious locks! Whether you're sporting long mermaid waves, or a short pixie cut, a little bit of color (or a lot. Again with the color!) is a super trendy way to feel magical and whimsical. In case you are wondering... I use Guy Tang Color for my hair. The pink washes out really well within a week or two depending on how many times you wash. The blue however... stays and turns a weird sort of green. Just fyi. ;) And THAT is how I add a little Whimzy to MY Wardrobe and a few tips on how you can too. Let me know any questions you have or suggestions as I'd like to make #WhimzyInMyWardrobe a thing now! Lets see how YOU make your wardrobe WHIMSICAL! Hugs and fishes my Whimzies!
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