BLUE- Month One

BLUE- Month One

Maybe it's just my opinion, but blue may be the most versatile color for Disneybounding, EVER. 

Since starting these color cheat sheets, I got really interested in color psychology. Did you know that blue can be seen as a symbol of trust, loyalty, confidence, and stability? 

Scanning over this list, it's no surprise that so many of the characters who wear blue are either the main character or an extremely likable one. (With a few exceptions, of course; I mean Hades is technically a villain, but there's no doubt he's a FANTASTIC character.)

These cheat sheets are meant to be a quick "At a Glance" tool for you to see what articles of clothing can work for multiple characters. 
For example: if you have a really pretty blue dress that you want to use for multiple Disneybounds, here you can quickly see a list of characters with who you may be able to incorporate that dress. 

It's not going to be helpful 100% of the time, but it sure cuts down on your research time! 

Right-click the illustration below and save it somewhere you can quickly reference while making your Disneybounding decisions. Then be sure to tag me @hellowhimzy so I can hype you up! 

Happy Bounding! 


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