PINK- Month Two

PINK- Month Two

💖 Make it PINK! 💖

To Merriweather's delight- last month we explored the wonderful power of Disneybounding with BLUE.

Seems only fair to make Flora proud with our list of PINK characters. 

According to research about color psychology, pink is usually a sign of hope and invokes feelings of joy, creativity, optimism, innocence and youth. Looking over the list below, I cannot think of better words to describe characters like: Piglet, Michael Darling, Lottie and Rosetta.

These cheat sheets are meant to be a tool to help you see how many characters share a similar color palette. So when you are putting together outfits, you can get creative when using the same few garments you have on hand. 
It's not going to be helpful 100% of the time, but it sure cuts down on your research time!

Right-click the illustration below and save it somewhere you can quickly reference while making your Disneybounding decisions. Then be sure to tag me @hellowhimzy on Instagram so I can hype you up!

Happy Bounding!



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