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Short Form Video Workshop
Short Form Video Workshop

Short Form Video Workshop

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No matter your niche, short-form videos like Instagram Reels, Tiktoks, and Youtube Shorts aren't going anywhere ANYTIME soon.

As a content creator, you know you need to up your game, but maybe you dont know where to start, or have felt intimidated by the whole process.

I get it! It can be super intimidating. But they can also be SUPER effective... and FUN!

Videos are a passion of mine and I LOVE teaching how to make dynamic and entertaining videos for social media. 

This workshop will include:

+ Networking opportunities with fun, like-minded creatives

+ All kinds of tips + tricks 

+ Hands-on help 

+ Go home with at LEAST one ready-to-go video for your preferred platform. If not more!

+ 1 Rock and Ruddle Hairbrush (GUYS- these are seriously MAGICAL. That alone is at least a $35 value.)


So grab a friend, mark your calendars and buy your ticket ASAP as space is LIMITED.

Saturday, February 25th
1-5 PM in Orem, Utah

More info to come!

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