Hi! I’m Lauren. 
I am a HUGE advocate of magic and imagination so naturally, I LOVE DISNEY!
I love the way it promotes family, creativity and adventure. I love the feelings it evokes so much that I want to bring those same feelings into everyday life; whether it’s for me, my children or my community.
One way I do this is through my wardrobe. I loooove to Disneybound.
In case you aren’t familiar–

Disneybounding is a fun and creative way to dress up as your favorite Disney characters without having to wear a cheap or uncomfortable costume.

Here in the HW Shop, I strive to bring you a unique and magical wardrobe full of nostalgia. I'll be sharing unique finds that have been styled by yours truly and inspired by your favorite characters.  

On the blog, I'll be sharing all kinds of tips and tricks pertaining to Disneybounding- as well as ANYTHING else I think my fellow magic seekers will appreciate. I’ll also share ways I create that same magic feeling in my everyday life because that’s where the real magic is. 
So get cozy and stay awhile! And welcome to this “awfully big adventure.”
"What are your happy thoughts? Do they fill you with glee?
Have you splashed a mermaid at the edge of the sea?
Do you fight pirates for treasure, dance all night at the ball?
Or tuck in little dreamers hoping they always stay small?
Happy thoughts give you wings, courage and love, all sorts of things!
Each sparkling memory bring magic and laughter,
together creating "happily ever after."
It's all about being how special you are.
Second Star to the right, isnt really that far."
-Love, Lauren